Jamaica vs Mexico CONCACAF Gold Cup: Final score 1-0

Two years after Mexico beat Jamaica in the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup final, El Tri and the Reggae Boyz will again square off in the tournament’s knockout round on Sunday, when they’ll collide in the semifinals at the Rose Bowl.

Jamaica is heading to the Gold Cup final for the second straight tournament, thanks to an amazing free kick by Kemar Lawrence. 

They avenged their loss from two years ago, beating their opponent in that final — Mexico — 1-0 on Sunday.

The Reggae Boyz will now face the United States in the final on Wednesday, in Santa Clara, California.

While Lawrence snagged the winner, the clear man of the match for Jamaica was goalkeeper Andre Blake, who had to make a half-dozen truly world class saves to keep the clean sheet for his team. But Jamaica wasn’t just under siege the whole match — despite losing the possession battle 70 percent to 30 percent, the Jamaicans matched Mexico for shots on target.

Lawrence’s winner came in the 88th minute, off a spectacular free kick. Michael Binns drew the foul on Hugo Ayala, and Lawrence delivered a sweet strike into the top corner.

Though this was Mexico’s B-team — El Tri’s stars sat out this tournament after going to Confederations Cup — they were still considered favorites in this match and were expected to make the final. Suspended coach Juan Carlos Osorio has been on the hot seat since failing to beat the USMNT in World Cup qualifying, and there will be a lot of discussion about his job security yet again.

Jamaica will go into the final knowing they’re good enough to win the Gold Cup. They beat the Americans in the semifinal in 2015, taking them apart on the counter attack en route to a 2-1 win.

They had a bit of a tougher time in their first meeting against Jamaica. The Reggae Boyz sat back and invited Mexico forward in that match, and El Tri wasn’t able to break them down. Jamaica is likely to employ the same approach on Sunday, and – with Blake playing so well and the attack looking confident after the win against Canada – they’ll no doubt like their chances of stealing a result at the Rose Bowl.
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How to Prevent The Threat of Ransomware WannaCrypt of ID-SIRTII and Malware Tech

How to Prevent The Threat of Ransomware WannaCrypt of ID-SIRTII and Malware Tech
Source image:
WannaCrypt or Ransomeware, also called WannaCry is a real threat for users of a PC or Laptop, any kind.

Ransomeware WannaCrypt this is a computer virus that could be menjangkiri various agencies including Home Sakir, banks, educational establishments even State-caliber.

For example, the attack Ransomeware WannaCrypt this also affects various countries in the world.

According to the report which was written, continuously attack the attack to 99 countries and cause chaos, particularly in health services such as hospitals (16 hospitals in the United Kingdom).

Even the operator Telefonica, a company car manufacturer until FedEx expedition Renault also hit its impact.

According to the staff of the Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure (ID-SIRTII), Virus Ransomeware WannaCrypt time is already attacking the server system and the Windows 8 down or 2008 version down who haven't done the latest update to patch security gaps are low, such as Windows XP.

To date, there has been no anti virus to restore data files that are infected. To that end, while the road which is to localize the virus-infected data.

Is there any impact if stricken with Ransomeware WannaCrypt?
Typically, for someone who is exposed to the virus inveksi Ransomeware WannaCrypt dminta will pay some money to pay the ransom. The ransom as a condition for victims to the opening of the data is already infected.
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How to prevent the threat of Ransomware WannaCrypt of ID-SIRTII and Expert Security

The following are some tips, how to easily overcome ancamana Ransomeware Virus WannaCrypt virus attacks originating from Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure (ID-SIRTII):
  1. Disconnect the network connection: unplug the data cable and or turn off the WiFi connection
  2. Turn off Macros and SMB Sevice, enable the Firewall block Port 139, 445, 3389.
  3. Download Tools and Security Patches manually from another computer, save in USB.
  4. Install Tools and Security patches that are already downloaded to the target computer (victim).
  5. Run a Full Scan using Anti-virus features with a Total Security updates.
  6. Do backup your important data to another media that safe and clean (not infected).
  7. Be careful and do not open emails that do not clear the poster because it could just have been infiltrated by the virus
Other than the 8 ways of overcoming Ransomware WannaCrypt above, before there is a surefire way to ever done by expert IT security, which more accurately named Malware Tech who worked in the securities Bureau of the Kryptos Wednesday domiciled in United Kingdom.

According to the Tech, easiest step Malware in overcoming ancamana Ransomeware Virus WannaCrypt virus attack is by way of an update the operating system, in this case if the Windows. Other than that, update the antivirus is also one of the right solution.

So at a glance information on how to prevent the threat of Ransomware WannaCrypt of ID-SIRTII Malware-Tech. Greetings.
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To Open Data Source from Alexa, for Those Who Do Not Know

Currently the site Alexa became one of the most visited sites for web analysis. This site even has become an important company that helps an awful lot of power marketing especially in the online world.

This is not apart from the magnitude of the data provided by Alexa. Not only in the form of ranking or rating that is often on the call with the Alexa ranking, users can also see a wide range of other data such as keyword research, competitor analysis and data of visitors. All of this is a goldmine for online marketers worldwide.

But have you ever thought where is the origin of all these data? To find out you canfollow the article below.

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Alexa Data Is Confidential

To Open Data Source from Alexa, for Those Who Do Not Know
In a review submitted that all data obtained web service derives from the analysis ofthe main Alexa browser toolbar. 

For those colleagues who had long been in the field of marketing or online business, probably already know about browser toolbars property of Alexa.

In General, the browser toolbar is the complementary services that could be included on the browser ours later will display additional information. We can choose to install the toolbar or not depending on our needs. However, for the perpetrators of online marketing are generally requires a toolbar Alexa to get some information such as rank websites and other information.

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The toolbar property of Alexa is widely found in the Firefox browser. But actually the toolbar can also be used in some other browsers. Well, this is the toolbar that sendsvarious data that will be processed by Alexa and is presented in the form of data analysis as we see.

Facts Behind Data Mining

But not many know is turned out, the process of data mining toolbar performed byAlexa is hardly known by its users.

On the one hand, this sort of toolbar does indeed benefit the marketing online to conduct site analysis. However, in addition to working to display information, this toolbar also tried to dig up data from sites visited by users.

Interestingly, if we discuss more in turns out there is a weakness in the system which is applied by Alexa. This weakness eventually brought the influence on the accuracy of the data displayed.

# 1. The explanation, we start from the who usually use data from Alexa? Surely it is they who are dabbling in the world of online business or marketing online. For those not in the field, such as housewives, sportsman, civil servants, or millions of other people, certainly data that pass by Alexa is considered not so important.

From there, it can be assumed that the more use the Alexa toolbar is also dabbling in the field of online marketing. The reason is in line with the above facts.

# 2. Further, when accessing the toolbar of the majority is a job marketing online, the more data is obtained from the websites frequently visited job marketing online. This is the reason, data from sites related to marketing online or public site such as social and online social media, more and more complex than the site that discusses other fields.
If so, the level of accuracy of Alexa data for online marketing sites and large sites are indeed not be in doubt. But for a site that discusses the field outside? It is not impossible that the data obtained are not so accurate or arguably not so thorough.
The above thoughts, maybe just an assumption that can be broken with the fact that Alexa has other data sources. But, more than that we are obliged to acknowledge that the current massive data retrieval process has been done by the online platform.

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Even social media sites such as Facebook, daily gets data in unusually large amounts associated with the habit of users who are obviously very high value in the eyes ofthe business owner.

On the one hand, we are not harmed by the data retrieval. However, on the other hand there is a great potential that could be exploited if we know how to process the data.

In the end, this article aims to invite colleagues mainly in business and marketing online for the more critically and creatively utilize information or analysis, distributed on the internet.
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Explore The Inspiration That It Brings The world's Technology Innovators Of The Late Steve Jobs

 Steve Jobs
It's been 5 years since the departure of the maestro technology at the age of 56 years, but an awful lot of work and also the spirit of creativity that Steve Jobs is still burning in the hearts of the bird lovers there.

As one of the innovators and luminaries in the field of technology development, Steve Jobs, of course is a very inspiring figure. Not only for those who struggled with the technology, but almost all of the people of the world feel amazed with the life story of the initiator of the company Apple.

What's interesting is, inspiration is not just coming to the community at large. But primarily for its successor to Steve Jobs who is currently still active in developing technologies, also recognizes some of the story of Steve Jobs who is able to be an inspiration for them.

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Inspiration brings The world's Technology Innovators Of the late Steve Jobs

Several world-class technology innovator below, had provided a number of brief thoughts about the figure of Steve Jobs in their eyes.

1. Larry Page (co-founder of Google)

LARY Page States that, the thing that always remembered from the figure of Steve Jobs is how Steve gave tremendous focus to develop a product that is capable of presenting the perfect experience for the user.

2. John Sculley (President of the Pepsi Cola Company)

Lift up the other side of the figure of Steve Jobs, the number one person in the company Pepsi Cola is struck by how the vision of Steve while injecting the beauty in every product he created. Steve Jobs is always trying to make products that are not only useful but also able to give a lasting impression even though have a very simple display.

3. John Lasseter (CCO Pixar Animation)
Next, as one who struggled in the field of animated design, one thing that inspires itself from the figure of Steve Jobs is how Steve to continue encouraging others nearby to produce works that more and better than ever.

It's true, when Steve Jobs gave birth to a new innovation, not his rivals rarely felt challenged to give birth to an innovation beyond the existing at that time. Indirectly, it becomes fertilizer creativity in the tech industry that will benefit everyone.

4. Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook)
In a previous article we've had time to discuss the long history of how tightly between the success of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, with Steve Jobs.

At the time, arguably indirectly, Steve Jobs accounted for most of the success achieved by Facebook today. Recognized directly by Mark, when he came upon Steve for advice at a time when the company was in "crossroads", Steve gave very wise advice to go back to the original purpose of why Mark his company's building.

5. Tim Cook (Apple executives)

As one of his colleagues in the company of Apple, Tim Cook recalls the last message delivered late Steve Jobs. At that time, the team considering that one of the thingsthat still thought Steve ahead of time of the end is the company Apple. And he sent,not to think of what to do sepeninggalannya. He simply told, to do what we believeas the truth.

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6. Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Company)
While still an active lead Apple, Steve Jobs is indeed known is not a very pleasant person. However, when there is something on the company Apple, Jobs had become the center of everything. Though, Steve has been getting tremendous success, he did not then go so just left the company. He remained there, even accompany everyone in the team until his death.

7. Barack Obama
Even a classmate of President Barack Obama, also giving attention to the extraordinary figure of Steve Jobs. When the figure passed away, he says that Steve is one of the best innovator once owned America. He always dare to think different, always formidable in its establishment to change the world, and very talented to realize her dreams!
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Joyseed Gametribe-Local Game Developer With A Quality International

As information, the one industry that brighter future has at the moment is the gaming industry. Especially those that adapt the mobile device, the value of this industry continue to increase from year to year. In Indonesia alone, in 2014 and then the value of the gaming industry has already touched the number 180 million dollars, and continued to increase to 600 million in the year 2016.

And specifically for mobile gaming, Predicted that the value of the market in Indonesia has reached size 20 million dollars that keep going up due to the increasing penetration of mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

In Our Own Country

Joyseed Gametribe-Local Game Developer With A Quality International
Source image:
See the magnitude of the potential of the mobile games industry development, certainly it is desirable if the local players i.e. developer games in Indonesia can master the market in our own country. Targets to be achieved i.e. around 50% of total market share was already in the hands of the local developer by 2020.

And one of the parties is expected to facilitate those goals is a local developer named Joyseed Gametribe. Developer headed by Bernard Boy Dozan as co-founder and CEO, has successfully developed several game titles that are able to occupy a top position in Google Play Store.

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Submitted by Bernard, through mobile gaming DayDream: The Beginning, Joyseed Gametribe strives to present the games that have a quality international. He stated that the advantages of this game is set in the style of the graphics as well as good  jobs.

DayDream: The Beginning game itself was first introduced at the event In the 2016 Games April Festival held in Jogjakarta. In that occasion, DayDream was able to suck up the attention of the mobile gamers even became one of the many politically.

In General in this adventure as well as the strategies adopted in the form of endless adventure. Later, the player will be introduced with a main character named Mondo. He is the Shepherd of the sheep who have the aspiration to become a Knight. From there, travel the length of the Mondo is started.

As a gaming platform, DayDream was able to present a very riveting display so that players don't feel tired despite having to repeat the game many times. In addition, one of the things to be brought by Bernard in the product game is taught a few things positive for gamers.

A character in the Mondo tell me often gets a mockery because a very large mind, in fact continued to fight until finally being able to be a great Knight. Coupled with the wide range of features, as well as interesting trinkets, this game is certainly worth trying.
"We wanted to give message that even though you were like a shepherd of the sheep that hina-dina but have noble ideals and keep trying for sure will be reaching for that hope," added Bernard.

The Challenge Of Developing Business

The story of its own present when the founder started trying their luck on the gaming industry. With a dream to be able to live from the gaming industry, Bernard started his business the right from scratch.

Graduate education in the field of Design and application of Art in the Petra Christian University even had to go to the capital to get a better chance to develop business games. First, he became a junior artist in several games in Jakarta. From there, he slowly began to gain experience as well as capital to build its own game developer.
"Actually if calculated materially I dont know Yes. Certainly capital initially believe something. So why live for two years its value equal to fair pay outsource, about tens of millions, "the Boy said with a smile.
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Regarding problems encountered, he admitted it's difficult to find the right partner in the development of the gaming industry. However, with continued trying to find he sure could later build a business game in a larger scale.
"But I did not give up until the Game was this Daydream. This is a product of Joyseed as a company, and I also met Joseph partners who shared this building until now, "he said.
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Melinda Gates-The Wife Of The Richest Man In The World With A Million Precious Mission

Being someone who was granted in terms of financial excess is certainly a thing that deserves to be grateful for. Not only for those who have money and high office, even for whatever we have been fitting to always be grateful and try to realize a positive thing from what we already have.

Imagine, what if we became a family was named the richest man in the world, the way this is experienced by a woman named Melinda. Who is he? She is the wife of the owner of the technology companies Microsoft, Bill Gates.

The extraordinary interest, when the husband managed to accumulate wealth in an incredible amount of fantastic, Melinda took another role to capitalize on these positive efforts in wealth. The step taken is to establish a foundation named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Initiated Both

Melinda Gates-The Wife Of The Richest Man In The World With A Million Precious Mission
In the previous article may be colleagues already read that Bill Gates was crowned the world's richest man who turned out to have a high level of philanthropic side. 

How not, funds in the amount of outstanding great & she's been for various projects as well as social development in various fields.

And one of the "tap" used to accommodate social activities is the Foundation which he founded together with his wife, Melinda Gates. Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that was founded in 2000, this time more was treated by his wife.

Therefore if traced from the busyness, actually Melinda Gates also includes having a very solid flurry. Not only run the role as a wife and mother of three children, iya is also active in running the activities associated with the social foundation.

Data Collection Activities

Regarding the achievement was successfully written a social foundation that Gates is a family owned, has in recent years been able to help a great many communities especially in remote areas to reduce the child mortality rate age toddlers. In addition,other problems also become priority is reducing the numbers of polio sufferers in some countries.
"It's incredible that we have to do is join the lower the number of deaths of childrenunder the age of five years. That process may be to give vaccines and using mosquito nets for malaria, "said Melinda.
To achieve this, regular activity which is always done by Melinda on the sidelines ofhis activity was the collecting of data issues that will be dealt with in different countries. Therefore, it is not seldom he is seen traveling to several countries to conduct observations before later trying to take action.

According to Malinda, one of the things that is very important in dealing with a problem is communication. It is he trying to apply along with her husband, namely through communication when himself after visiting a country.

He was always the first to phone is the husband to describe various things ranging from the condition of the area, problems, and possible solutions that could run.
"So, what can we do? How can we make it better? Do we really know the results obtained, including whether in accordance with the data we need. The question that often glide, "he said.

Visit Indonesia

When it first appeared in public a few years ago, one of the discourse that try offered by Melinda at that time was about the use of contraceptives. Despite some opposition, but Melinda is confident that the proper use of contraceptives could be a solid fence in an effort to banish the problems of other communities.

Interestingly, Melinda see that Indonesia is one of the most successful countries in applying contraceptive programs. Indonesia itself more known with the term family planning or KB.

To that end, Melinda also make a visit to Indonesia on 21-23 March 2017 yesterday.The aim is certainly to see and monitor how the development of contraceptive programs and how in order to be successfully applied in Indonesia.

Hopefully the positive step taken by Melinda Gates could be an example not just for other wealthy person, but also the general public about how can we do positive things for others. May not need in the form of an unusually large, even through simple things alone we actually could do positive changes.
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