Nikola Jokic’s Ejection Rescinded

Nikola Jokic’s Ejection Rescinded
Nikola Jokic (Source:
NBA Rescinds Ejection Fine Of Nikola Jokic

The NBA has rescinded the ejection fine given to Nikola Jokic, who properly received a technical foul for his actions but should not have been ejected from the game.

Jokic was ejected along with Michael Malone during the second quarter of the Nuggets' loss at the Lakers on Sunday.
While many were focused on the Michael Malone suspension, many overlooked Nikola Jokic’s ejection which was rescinded by the league.

The Nuggets had a rough night the other night in Los Angeles which saw their head coach and their star player ejected at the same time.

The NBA suspend head coach, Michael Malone one game, which he served when Denver battled his old squad, Sacramento.

Jokic has always had a bit of a temper in his short career, but when he was ejected, he had every right to argue or ask for an explanation considering he was fouled not once, but twice with no whistle.

Did his action against official warrant a technical foul at the least? Most likely. But an ejection? That is crossing the line and it really showed just how thin skinned Rodney Mott truly is and why he does not deserve a job in the association.

It is good to see the NBA actually seeing the correct side of this controversy when it came to Jokic and giving him his due on justice.

Jokic is considered by many NBA peers to be the Nuggets’ best player now and by throwing him out of the game, Denver’s hopes of a comeback in that particular match up exited along with Coach Malone and Nikola into the Nuggets’ locker room.
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10 Ways to Organize Office Workplace to Feel Comfortable

10 Ways to Organize Office Workplace to Feel Comfortable
Ways to Organize Office Workplace to Feel Comfortable

Organizing office space sometimes becomes a challenge for workers. Not without reason, one-third of employees are in the office so it's important to be in a comfortable room to work more maximally.

Having a comfortable work space is the ideal of every employee. Not least the process of decorating the workroom can spend time, mind, and effort on getting the right layout.

The comfort of the workspace is very important as most of the time employees are spent here. The ideal atmosphere created in the workplace, the productivity of employees can be higher. Automatic work results become more optimum.

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10 Things to Look for in Office Space

If you are confused about how to organize your office workspace, here are some tips you can apply to get a comfortable office space:

1. Create Flexibility

There are some office space designed very rigid and monotonous, in terms of layout, furniture colors, and other things. In this case, the employer strictly applies the rules of the standard and does not favor employees. In fact, such decisions can affect employees' morale.

Flexibility is essential to creating dynamics in working. If it is too tight, the employee will feel unreliable so it is not maximized in giving his best performance. In fact, with that flexibility, employees can do improvisation and not impossible to create tremendous works.

2. Customize with Corporate Culture

It is important to design office space according to the corporate culture. For example, are the interactions that occur between fellow employees are informal or otherwise? That is also what needs to be applied when setting up office space. Make sure there is a special angle designed so that it can accommodate those needs.

There are also people who build a special room in the office but never used. This is certainly a waste. Therefore, before you waste money to build or repair something that is not maximized, it is best to first observe and analyze the needs. That way, you know what to do.

3. Objective

Have you ever thought that either directly or indirectly, office space is capable of affecting the character of its occupants. It is not possible to happen because employees spend a long time in the same place. Therefore, it is important to make sure the way of setting up the office space is completely handled.

For example, if you want employees to be more open and develop their ideas, create a unique office space design or out of the box. Thus, the arrangement of the room is not merely for aesthetic purposes, but it carries a hidden mission, which is to sharpen the character of those who are engaged in it.

4. Take advantage of Office Space to Reflect Company Vision
Keep in mind, office space is one of the elements that can be transformed to reflect the vision of the company. Through the layout of office space, clients can see the purpose or vision that a company wants to achieve. For example, if a company moves in a healthy food field, the company must also have a canteen that sells healthy food.

This method will provide many benefits. It not only keeps employees alive in the company's values, but also as proof of the company's existence. On the contrary, it would be very strange if the layout of the office space itself is contrary to the vision.

5. Organize Work Desk at Office

The desk is one of the most important components in the work space because that's where you put things related to the work. Make sure the desk position is in the right place with office space.

In addition to office stationery and computer monitors, it's also best to put a family photo on the work desk. Family photos at the work desk can make your work mood better throughout the day. The photo will motivate you to continue working better and achieving the workplace.

6. Wear Comfortable Chairs

In addition to proper desk placement, the way of managing office space also involves your work chair. In this work chair you will sit for work in the office so it takes a comfortable chair.

It would be better if the working seat you use is quite soft and can support your back. In addition, try the chair to be set height according to your posture and also the position of the work desk.

7. Installing Wallpaper on the Wall

Installing wallpaper on the wall is one of the ways to organize a very effective office space to make the room more interesting. Workspace does not have to be rigid and boring, you can put wallpaper in unique colors.

The colors of this wallpaper can also make the spirit of work better. To prove it, you can try it now.

8. Fixed Room Lighting

Room lighting is an important factor in office decoration in the office. With good working lighting, an employee can work more optimally and not easily drowsy.

Sometimes there are companies that minimize the use of lamps to save electricity costs. However, this can reduce the productivity of your employees.

Whenever possible, taking advantage of outdoor sunlight will help in the lighting of the room. However, if it does not help then you have to install the lamp to get adequate lighting in the room.

9. Adjusting the Height of Computer Monitor

How to arrange the next office workstation we can do is to adjust the height of the monitor according to the height of the eye. There are not a few people who disagree with this, but if the height of the monitor is not appropriate then it can lead to pain in your neck.

10. Cleanse Everything in the Room

The neat workspace will certainly affect the mood of the person in it. Imagine if your work space is messy, it will make stress.

Put things in place. For example placement of office stationery. When you use it, make sure you return it to the original place.

Organizing the work space to always be tedious is a challenge and many employees can not do it. However, managing rooms well will help somebody be more productive and organized.

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Well, if you have a office space in Jakarta, some tips on how to organize your office space above can be done to make the atmosphere more enjoyable. If you do not want to spend a lot of money to pay for such arrangement, there are other alternatives to go.

You can choose to use a virtual office so you do not have to worry about managing office space. In addition to practical, virtual office use also looks professional in client's eyes. Well, do you want to try it?
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10+ How to Promote Effective Product Promotion to Increase Sales

10+ How to Promote Effective Product Promotion to Increase Sales
Source image:
How to promote effective and targeted products? As we know, in order to generate big sales then the promotion is to be effective and targeted.

Effective means we choose a good promotion way, whereas the target is to promote the right target market. Why these two are important, because we are often mistaken in doing so. For example, we choose how to promote effective products, but wrongly choose the target market so the results are not maximal.

Such a mistake should not happen over time because it will cost you the promotion. Then, how to promote the product accurately and precisely?

Here are some ways to promote the products you can do. Some of these are very easy to do:

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How To Promote Effective Product 'Blows Up' Sales

1. Promotion of Utilizing Social Media

The promotion of the easiest and cheapest product we can do is market it through social media. Social media in addition to being used to interact online with others, is often used for promotion.

The most used social media for promotions are Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. However, in my opinion, Facebook and Instagram are the most effective sosmed for today's promotions.

Promotion of goods in social media can be done in free or paid way. To be sure, you must have a team that specifically handles promotional activities on this social media.

If you want to get a faster impact, then you can utilize Sociabuz where there are so many influencers willing to endorse your business in social media.

2. Hold Your Business Writing Competition

If your business sells certain products that are often discussed by bloggers, then the promotion of your product can be done by holding an article writing competition about your business or product. For example, your business is selling cheap travel services to backpackers, so this writing contest is perfect for you to offer travel bloggers.

With special terms, bloggers are required to write a review of the travel services you offer. This will have a tremendous impact as blog readers of the travel blogger will immediately know your business.

If you do not bother writing writing competitions, you can use bloggers to write articles about your business. One of the services you can use is iBlogmarket, where you can pay bloggers to write about your business.

3. Become an Event Sponsor

The next way to promote the product is to become a sponsor for certain activities related to your business. There are quite a number of events that can be a means of promoting the products that you sell, select one or more that are considered to be most impactful.

Let's say your business sells educational-related products. Then you can consider becoming one of the sponsors for routine educational events.

4. Giving Products Free

This is one way of promoting a product that many businessmen today do. Costs for promotion can be allocated by providing product samples to target markets that are likely to be interested in the products you sell.

Learning from business hosting companies and domains, the examples of promotions they often do is give a free domain for every hosting purchase with a specific capacity. It is at first you seem to be losing, but this is one of the best ways to get new consumers.

In the end you will be fortunate when consumers are satisfied with your business services and continue to use your business services for a long period of time.

5. Provide Incentives for Every Recommendation
Promoting products in this way is considered to be very effective and the effect is huge. The reason is, prospective customers are usually more likely to believe in the recommendations of their peers or their families than they normally would.

Especially if your business is a new business that starts with a product that has enough competitors. The way promoting your products by providing incentives to people who successfully recommend your business will have a positive impact on your brand. In other words, you're doing branding effectively.

6. Utilizing Endorse's Services from Artists

The way promoting the next product that proved to increase sales figures is to take advantage of the endorsement services of Indonesian artists. There are many businesses that use this method, and it does have a significant impact on sales and also increasing audiences in social media.

For the artist, of course this is one of the extra income. By taking advantage of the many followers, these artists earn money by promoting a product via their Instagram. You can read articles that discuss some artists with the most expensive Instagram endorsement rates in Indonesia.

7. Posting an Ad on Google and its Publisher

Posting an ad on Google is the most effective way of promoting online products in my opinion. We know that Internet users always use Google when searching for information about something related to their needs. And it still continues to this day, maybe as long as there is internet in the world.

Ads that appear on Google search results as well as on Google's publisher network sites are a very effective spot for businesses to market their products online. Additionally, according to a lot of information from advertisers, the conversion of ad sales on Google and its publisher network is much better than advertising on social media.

8. Advertise on a specific website / Blog

Product promotion by advertising on certain web / blogs can also be an option that you can consider. However, do not put ads on any website / blog because it will have a huge impact on sales conversions.

Make sure the website where you advertise is closely related to the products you sell. For example a blog that specifically deals with parenting and child care tips, then the most suitable business to advertise on this website is a product for mothers and children.

9. Promotion Affecting Consumer Candidates

Product promotion activities mentioned above are incomplete when they are not accompanied by promotional materials that can affect prospective customers. Here are some ways to promote your product by taking advantage of great promotional materials:
  • Giving discounts
  • Bonus for certain nominal purchases
  • Free Service Offer if problematic product
  • Give a free calendar
  • Free delivery service
  • Provide tutorials and information about products
  • And so on
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So are ways of promoting effective products and businesses and we can do so to increase sales. Of the many ways mentioned, you should choose just how to promote the items that are most suited to your business niche and character. Hopefully useful
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Know What Is Instagram Takeovers

Know What Is Instagram Takeovers
Know What Is Instagram Takeovers

Have your account is probably not something Instagram things foreign to-for today's society. Not just content to share personal photos, Instagram also has become a field for creative workers are mainly related to the world of photography and art.

Not only that, with the growing popularity of Instagram certainly attracted a lot of business people to get involved in it. As evidence, currently the majority of brand big business around the world already have account Instagram.

That may not have been known by too many users especially who are in Indonesia, is Instagram has unique facilities that is named Instagram Takeovers.

With this facility, simply put we can authorize another account owner to fill our range in Instagram account of time. As to what the full explanation, as well as examples from Instagram Takeovers? Following his review.

Early Trends Instagram Takeovers
In the year 2012, the term Instagram Takeovers began to appear. If it opens up the opportunity for the account owner to manage another account Instagram Instagram, conducted by brand big business i.e. general Electric, Burberry and the Food Republic.

The third brand invited several followernya to fill the business account Instagram for quite some time. The results unpredictably, such action is able to give exceptional effects to the development of the brand.

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How to make money from Instagram almost without Capital
Strive To Be More Comfortable Service, Instagram Update Comment Moderation Features
Then what is the actual Instagram Takeovers it?

Understanding of the process by which Takeovers Instagram is someone to take over your account within a certain time Instagram. When a person takes over the Instagram account, they can share the content with the follower and do some other things.

The facility is indeed opened Instagram and developed directly by the community particularly large brand has a formal account. Not only is the brand business, activities lend these accounts is also widely performed by the individual as an influencer and social #media buzzer.

In General, if a popular account is already planning to run Instagram Takeovers, a move made was to give specific users access other Instagram to post photos on their feeds. Photos can be uploaded within the specified time then forwarded vulnerable with several other features. This Line features can be in the form of videos, stories tofeature the latest live video.

Mutual Benefit

Delivered by a young entrepreneur and social media market is famous, Gerry Vaynerchuck, Takeovers have advantages which is mutually beneficial for the account owner or the user Instagram Instagram invited in cooperation. The reason is, besides thepleasant cooperation maintained on Instagram Takeovers also gives the equivalent effect for both parties.

To the account owners repossessed Instagram, they could get more valuable content, while for the over account may introduce themselves as well as not impossible number of follower when it was known.

Type Of Facility Takeovers
The next thing to note from Takeovers, is Instagram some type or types of such cooperation. This type is actually based on the extent of the authority given to the partyover the account.

In addition, each type has a different purpose and profits can be maximized from both sides. The third type is, make a post Instagram, do a post on Instagram and make Stories live video.

1. Post Instagram

The first type is giving authority to the account owner to post another photo Instagram at galleries or feeds us. Of this type, is a type of early because at that time was indeed the possibility to authorize account takeover is limited to share the content of the photo.

For example, as was done by some of the big brand at the beginning of the article above. By providing the opportunity of some selected share photos follower are related to the business. This being an opportunity to cause a positive impression as wellas personalized promotional event for the owner of the selected account.

2. Instagram Stories

If a business brand has its own settings for content such as what are some that could be shown at the Gallery Instagramnya, sure they would think twice about authorizes someone else fill the gallery. Because it could be uploaded, content isn't content that is inappropriate or precisely poses a negative impression.

Therefore, the options that could be taken is to give authority to post content on Instagram Stories. This way both feel more secure without having to interfere with thethemes that had already been built in account business. Instagram

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3. Live Video

Almost the same as the 2 features before, distinguishing it from the third type is thecontent that is uploaded by taking of account is in the form of live video. As is known, makes live video Instagram already became popular even capable of giving effectto the efforts of marketing.

Of the three options above, we can determine what type of Instagram Takeovers which we will do. Interested in running it?
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How to make money by being a Buzzer on Instagram

How to make money by being a Buzzer on Instagram
How to make money by being a Buzzer on Instagram

How can I earn money by becoming a buzzer on Instagram? This topic is becoming very interesting due to the fact that social media is Instagram is one of the medsos a very popular community and users in Indonesia is very much at the moment, especially the House of millennial.

The number of users growing Instagram turns opens up a lot of business opportunities that promise and provide opportunities for users to make money. One of the ways to make money from a fairly popular Instagram nowadays is becoming a Buzzer.

What's a Buzzer? The word buzzer actually taken from the basic Buzz Word which means ' conversation ' or ' talk '. In the terminology of Buzzer means a person who is deemed able to make a topic became the talk of the community at large, not just on the internet but in the real world.

Based on the information I found from various sources, be the Buzzer on Instagram turned out to be money-making tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars per month. The figures are fantastic. With earnings amounting to it, certainly a lot of people who are interested in becoming a Buzzer.

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But wait bro/sis, it's not as easy as you think!
The criteria of being a Buzzer on Instagram

Be a buzzer on Instagram means you have met the criteria to promote a brand or product through Your account with Instagram. To be a buzzer that demand by advertiser account certainly Instagram you must meet certain criteria.

Some criteria that could successfully Instagram account be buzzer on Instagram, are:

Got a lot of followers, the more followers then the chances of getting the advertiser will be even greater. But it's not just a lot of followers, Yes, but the followers must be real not fake account user or robot.
  • The posting account you should have Instagram special topic raised. For example, you are a person who likes traveling, then Your post more about pictures of the places you visit.
  • Each posting account Instagram you should have a high engagement. In other words, each posting You on Instagram got a lot of response from the followers. For example a response in the form of comments, love, or even regram.
  • Your account must be active and Instagram often post pictures and videos of interest, the term Instagramable.
  • Some of the above criteria according to my standards a must for who wants to be a buzzer Instagram. In addition, of course, there are still other things that can create an account to become a successful buzzer Instagram.

The steps the way So the Buzzer on Instagram

To start being a buzzer Instagram, your account must have at least as much as 25,000 followers followers. Why should 25,000 followers? It's the usual standard I think, as I look at the buzzer on Instagram average it had hundreds of thousands to millions of followers.

As mentioned above, you should have an account Instagram special topics that would like to be appointed. Postinglah a range of interesting pictures and videos related to the topic you select. Post as much as possible and as frequently as possible on a regular basis, this could also help add followers on Instagram.

OK, for more details here are the steps how to become a buzzer on Instagram:

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1. Determine topics to be lifted

There are so many interesting topics that you can choose, but make sure the topic is a topic that's got a lot of the target audience. One of the many niche followed by user Instagram is a topic of news and gossip, it's the fact you know not the origin of the call.

So, do not be surprised by such a Lambe Turah Instagram account and an account with a similar niche had plenty of followers. But you must opt-in ga topic it Yes, please select the appropriate interest.

For example, you want to choose a niche humor (this example Yes), then you can dokeyword research that relate to things that are funny in Instagram. You will surely find lots of humor topics with Instagram account. Note the posting accounts, you could replicate their ideas.

Bottom line, more and more enthusiasts are chosen then the more likely got a lot offollowers.

2. choosing a unique account name Instagram

Select the account name is easy to pronounce and easy to remember, but do not directly apply is applied on Instagram. Type the name that You select in the search field Instagram or with the help of Google.

You can search for keywords related to humor in Google. The account name you can selected Instagram correspond to topics, for example:
And so on

3. create a New account with Instagram

After successfully determine topics and also the account name Instagram, afterwards you can create a new account with Instagram.

New email is later used to create your account and also for new Instagram communicate with clients who ask for diendorse. In other words, will this email so email your business, so choose a name bijaklah email.

Put an attractive avatar and in accordance with the topic you raise. When the topic of humor then your avatar must also be funny, such as disposable face Yao Ming who laughed (this example Yes).

Also note the way of writing a bio of your usage and Instagram account hashtag. Make sure the bio and the hashtag in your bio related to the chosen topic.

4. Download pictures and videos from Google

Post the picture on Instagram indeed easy, but when you want to be a buzzer then you should post a picture that corresponds to the selected topic. The pictures and the video can be obtained from Google videos and Google Images. As a start, download images from Google as much as 100 – 200 images from Google.

To note also the image in that square shape Instagram, so we recommend that you look for pictures which forms a square. Do not use images that are rectangular because there will be parts of the image are cut off.

You can download it through the computer, and then sends it to your Smartphone by using data cable. Make sure the folder is specific to the image so that it is easily posted to Instagram.

5. Start to Post pictures and videos

In the early post pictures and videos to Instagram, preferably not more than 10 postings per day which is published every two hours. Add a caption and a hashtag that correspond to the pictures/videos are posted.

Don't give too much on the hashtag postings due account could risk new taxable Instagram tires.

6. Follow another account as much as possible

For a new account, most likely definitely followers you are still little or even no. To get followers, then you need memfollow other people first and hope the person will follow back.

The activities of the following people on Instagram must be coupled with a thread of interest in your account. The more interesting posting on your account, the greater the chances to get a follow back from others.

Within a day, you can memfollow around 200 people. Of the 200 people it not everything will follow back, it doesn't matter as long as the percentage of follow back accounts amounting to 40% of your Instagram – 50%, more than the number it means you're pretty lucky.

Tips: to get targeted followers, search for the same subject Instagram account with you. Select the account the Instagram followersnya more than 100,000, then follow all his followers one by one.

7. Start making money from Instagram by becoming a Buzzer
After performing steps 1-6 for a few months, then it is certain You will reach 20,000 followers an (if you do it right). When the followers you've 20ribu more, then you can start making money from Instagram by becoming a buzzer.

How, you have to want ' ball ' transfer by contacting a few Instagram account onlinefollowersnya sales are still a bit. In the beginning, you can provide a cheap price, such as $ thousand – Rp200 thousand for one posting.

Keep doing posts and following to get more followers. You can continue to shout out offers to account Instagram needs promotion. And as you get older Your followers then you can adjust the price promotions on your account Your Instagram.

Tip: give special rates to customers who commit repeat order

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So a brief explanation how to make money by being a buzzer on Instagram. Maybe in the beginning looks complicated, but when you do it then the painstaking gradually will be easy.

Earning potential be buzzer on Instagram boundless. Depending on the niche you choose, the number of followers, and also the quality of the postings in your accountYour Instagram. Good luck!
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Perseid meteor shower peaks Friday-Sunday

Perseid meteor shower peaks Friday-Sunday
The National Space Agency (NSA) in a statement said the meteor shower will be visible for an hour, in areas, free of light pollution. NSTP file pic (Source image:

Perseid meteor shower peaks Friday-Sunday

If you were making plans to watch this weekend’s peak of the Perseid meteor shower, think again.

The National Weather Service is calling for rain and thunderstorms beginning this afternoon and continuing through at least next Wednesday, effectively blocking out Mother Nature’s fireworks.

The Perseids peaked Friday , but there still will be 40-to-50 meteors per hour tonight, experts said. Unfortunately, with three-fourths of a moon lighting up the sky behind rain clouds, this will be a disappointing year for the astronomical event.
Today could be the worst day for rain and storms, with projections for at least an inch of precipitation and some localized flooding at high tide, which is about 1:30 p.m. in Norfolk.
If you were making plans to watch this weekend’s peak of the Perseid meteor shower, think again.

The National Weather Service is calling for rain and thunderstorms beginning this afternoon and continuing through at least next Wednesday, effectively blocking out Mother Nature’s fireworks.

The Perseids peaked Friday , but there still will be 40-to-50 meteors per hour tonight, experts said. Unfortunately, with three-fourths of a moon lighting up the sky behind rain clouds, this will be a disappointing year for the astronomical event.

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Perseid meteor shower peaks Friday-Sunday

Today could be the worst day for rain and storms, with projections for at least an inch of precipitation and some localized flooding at high tide, which is about 1:30 p.m. in Norfolk.

The only instructions you need for the shower are to go outside and look up. There will be some clouds at the coast but inland viewing looks good.

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