As It Turned Out, Bill Gates Good Estimate, He Recounts The Birth Of Netflix Right

Who is not familiar with the founding owner of the giant technology company, Microsoft, Bill Gates. Had a long career in the field of technology, Bill Gates even called one of the most influential people in the development of modern technology.

Not only a matter of financial achievement that established itself as the richest man in the world today, Gates was in fact also has a very brilliant vision for things related to technology.

One was, when he managed to predict the appearance of some of the services that utilize internet facilities even long before such services are created. Full information such as what? These reviews can refer colleagues.

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Predict Of Netflix Service Concept

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For those who do not yet know whether it's Netflix, Netflix is streaming online service where users can watch a wide variety of movies easily and according to need. Netflix's own recently started a few years ago and immediately got the success that arguably enormous.
Not only users that came from America, in fact Netflix is also able to attract the user's attention in some other countries.
Therefore, the success of Netflix became the reason why more and more parties issued similar service.

But who would have thought it turned out in 1994, Bill Gates could already predict the service concept as there is on Netflix today. Vulnerable time with a distance of more than 20 years, Bill Gates even mention some specific details that currently existson the Netflix service.

The explanation, he said when in an interview session. Interview conducted by the adult Magazine Company presents bill Gates as the keynote speaker to discuss aboutinternet technology. Just be advised, at that time the internet was indeed still be new goods that even foreign to the majority of the American public.

The Right Prediction

In that occasion, Gates mentions there are several services that will probably be realized via internet facilities. Although it might just be wishful thinking that is hard to imagine, but in fact it is happening at the moment.

The first one, which mentions that one day everyone can watch the movie with easeand find out what kind of film are many popular communities.
"If You want to watch the movie. To vote, You'll want to know what movies you likeeveryone else, also share your own opinion about the movies watched, "said Gates.
Not only that, Gates also recalled that the later use of services can include opinion or review related to the movies online. This is a feature that does exist on the current Netflix service.
"This kind of Information can be obtained (on the internet). Then you can select and watch video on-demand. After that, you could write (Review) about the film, "he explained.
After Bill Gates mentioned the existence of the possibility appeared thanks to the new range of internet facilities, even a lot of the media to the effect that it is so difficult to happen. But on the other hand, are in fact arguably many were making the opinion as a motivation for creating something new.

It is not impossible, the founders also Netflix service is actually inspired from what isrevealed by Bill Gates. And now, we can see its own video on demand service Netflix successfully into reality even start got new competitors with more advanced features again.

Predictions Of Social Media

In the same occasion, Gates also mentions the existence of other types of services also designate appeared a few years after that time. The service is a service that is able to facilitate long-distance communication in easier dam cheap.
"You may now be related to a physical community around. But in the new environment (internet), because of the way information is stored and accessed, it would widen the scope of the community, "explained Gates.
The predictions even come true through the emergence of a variety of social media like Facebook and Twitter. With the social media service, we can even feel the people who separated a distance of thousands of kilometres, are dealt face seemed to face directly.

Digicoop Specifications-The Original 4G Smartphone from Indonesia

Digicoop which stands for Digital Cooperation work in the country has officially started the production process.

The Government took further steps to realize digital sovereignty, particularly in the smartphone industry. Earlier this week, the Ministry of research, technology, and higher education (Kemenristekdikti) 4 g smartphone announced locally and for the people of Indonesia.

Specifications Digicoop-The Original 4G Smartphone from Indonesia
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According to the Minister, Muhammad Nasir, the research that produced the nation's children do not get stopped at the library. 

The Government should support up to commercial stage so that the perceived benefits society at large.

The name of the smartphone "Digicoop" itself was taken because the cell phone was intended for members of the Cooperative Digital Indonesia (a.k.a. KDIM Digital Coop). The co-op aims to uphold the sovereignty of the digital nation.

Digicoop members who have paid the mandatory dues for one year will earn the smartphone as a sign of membership. The more frequently used smartphones, members will earn points.

The collected points can be exchanged with other benefits as a member of the cooperative. For example, to purchase services from third-party partners of cooperation, such as pulse, online shopping vouchers, and more.

According to the Chairman of the Digicoop, Henry Kasyfi, for while it has not been planned smartphone trade in "Digicoop" for the general public.
Objectives smart phone by various parties, such as KDIM (cooperative Digital Independent Indonesia), APJII (Indonesia Internet service provider Association), MASTEL (Indonesian Telematics Society), Kemkominfo (Ministry of communication and information), BEKRAF (Agency of Creative Economy), to the ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) that comes with a local touch. Start from the side of the device or application.

Specifications Digicoop-the original 4 g Smartphone from Indonesia

Uniquely again, according to the Firm, Digicoop hardness, showing the advantages of its own that is not owned other smartphones. You name it, Digicoop has the look of the split screen, where the top of the screen on the display there is a section for advertising from a handful of supporters KDIM brand.

As for Digicoop's own smartphone has interesting specifications, especially for low to middle segment. The 6.0.1 version of Android phones have a span of 4.7 inches screen. The disematkannya processor is a quad-core 1.5 GHz with 1 GB RAM support as well as the internal memory of 8 GB sebasar.

Meanwhile, 2MP front camera comes with a 5MP rear camera accompanied. To support the communication of the users, the Digicoop can be obtained free of charge through the line of this network has supported KDIM 4 g LTE, has two SIM card slots, and the battery has a capacity of 1, 800mAh.

Review: Samsung Gear IconX, Futuristic Headsets are hooked to your Fitness

Exercising it felt incomplete if it is not accompanied a with music. Because, in addition to the spots for you, the selection of the right music can also make spirit feels more sports activities. Therefore, it is now becoming an integral part time fitness.

IconX gear is one of the headsets are intentionally designed by Samsung to accompany You to fitness. From the transverse wires with complicated, Samsung inadvertently utilize Bluetooth connectivity so it can connect wirelessly with Smartphones.

To make it look attractive, the headset comes with bright colors and designs that impress futuristic. Another interesting feature is what else? Notify review Samsung IconX Gear more.

Review: Samsung Gear IconX, Futuristic Headsets are hooked to your FitnessTypically, a wireless headset using Bluetooth connection has two earbuds connected on the same body. This was intended to both can be synchronized and connected easily, especially when charging the battery. But Gear IconX is a little different. The left and right earbud thus a separate headset cable.

Because both earbuds this headset Samsung themselves, complete with an IconX Gear wireless charger dock for charging could do. In order to appear attractive, the dock charger comes with a somewhat oval shape is white, like an atomic bomb.

A dock, charger power bank can save power so you just need to put the headset fits into place, then close it when he wanted to charge the batteries earbuds. If the battery on a charger dock is up, users can associate it with power adapter via the microUSB port on the back side.

The question of the design of the earbuds, Samsung put it with a body who impressed futuristic. This is because solid white color, the shape of the body not quite round and slightly overhanging ear tips position of shaft core. What's more, there are a few copper connectors in each earbud.

Although a bit weird, the ergonomics of both earbuds to be quite good. Because besides the taste fit the anatomy of the ear, earbud is also convenient to use in a long time.

Equipped with Internal Memory and Smart Sensors

Equipped with Internal Memory and Smart Sensors
To be able to play music, there are two ways that can be done. The first is with connetions headset with Smartphones. And the second is storing music on a headset. This is possible because each earbud has 4 GB of storage media.

To be able to incorporate music into each earbud, you just need to put it into a charger dock and then connect the cable with microUSB. After that, the headset will also be read as an external storage medium on a PC.

Not just simply a headset that can produce sounds when in use, the Gear is also equipped with a number of IconX sensors to detect various conditions of your body. Among them are heart rate and accelerometer.

Sensor heart rate monitor functions to perform against the heart rate in real time per minute of it. This is quite important for users who are exercising because he could tell if the heartbeat is already too fast and were in the verge of safe limits.

While sensors accelerometer is useful for measuring the acceleration done by users either static or dynamically. Therefore, the device can detect how many steps you take in a day.

Control Everything Via Touch

Play, pause, next track, previous track, and others, all of which can be controlled via the smartphone. But while being lazy or difficult to carry it while exercising, you can control it directly via headset. It was all made possible thanks to the existence of a capacitive touchpad is on the outer most section of each earbud.

How to use it pretty easy, touch the touchpad once means play the music (play) or pause. Touch it twice to play the next track, lifting a phone call, or finalize calls.

To roll back the previous track listed in the playlist, you can touch the touchpad as much as three times. While touched once but with a rather long duration can be done to close the new incoming phone calls (rejects). If you want to raise or lower the volume, simply scroll on touchpad from top to bottom or vice versa.

On the other hand, the process of pairing can be done in a way that's interesting. Because, other than through smartphones, headsets can be connected automatically when you include in the ears. This is because there are sensors that provide command pairing when skin touches the ear earbud.

Ecommerce Mentimun - Offer The Advantage Of Credit Online Shopping For Agents

The rivalry between the e-commerce company in Indonesia could arguably have started to rise since 2 years later. Besides communities who run selling online independently on the website or advertising platform listings, on the other hand big companies who founded the e-commerce service also cannot be underestimated.

Because a number of new e-commerce company that emerged in Indonesia offers a variety of advantages and features that aren't even found on the company before.One relatively new is the e-commerce marketplace service Cucumber.

Overview Of The Services Of "Mentimun"

Ecommerce Mentimun - Offer The Advantage Of Credit Online Shopping For Agents
Cucumber is a service established by PT Dynamics Partners Successful Prosper (DMSUM) working with finance companies FIFGROUP. Simply put, the main concept you are trying on offer by the cucumber is an online shopping process that can be done with credit or consumer can credit payment for the products purchased.

Interestingly, later the credit process proposed by the consumer does not have to be equipped with a credit card. This is certainly be a boon as well as opportunities for community mainly residing in the area to keep shopping online even though it only has the cash.

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Related to the products offered, the cucumber is also quite markedly in offering products ranging from products like gadgets, electronics, household appliances to travel package ' which is certainly not too much is done by e-commerce companies are similar.

Program Agent Of Mentimun

In accordance with the title of the article above, one of the advantages of a service-based application this is, there is a program named Cucumber Agent. Simply put, the Cucumber is the parties serve as penalang funds while when someone want to shop through the services of the cucumber.

So later, anyone can become an agent of Cucumbers that are located in these areas.From there, when there are people who want to buy but could not make the payments are paid off, the dealer will menalangi payment for the product.

Then what is the advantage of being an agent? Delivered by Chief Technology Officer cucumber, Felix Nugroho, if someone becomes the agent of Cucumber so he can get some advantages. The first is, the dealer does not have to handle associated with the delivery of the goods as well as other processes after the goods are delivered.

The most important is, he just pulled out the funds for temporary menalangi. From there later, the agent could get profit sharing on purchasing these products.
"Products from various categories on the Cucumber is readily available and ready for sale to customers through Android smartphone. Agents also have struggled not todo the delivery and after sales service are handled directly by our customer service a cucumber, "said Felix.
One of the success stories of Cucumber agent i.e. an agent named Sularsih derived from Bali. Become an agent in April 2015, Sularsih claims to be already able to bagging to Rp25 million in just over 3 months.

These figures certainly could have been increasing with the amount depending on the Fund's bailouts and also products that successfully obtained by the agent.

Ease Of Installment Goods

On behalf of the purchaser, to perform mortgage payments can be done in several ways. The first: with direct payment location provided by FIFGROUP. Location up to the present already FIFGROUP payment spread over as much as 204 branches as well as 416 Posts throughout Indonesia.

Not only that, the installment option is also open to users who wish to make use of online facilities. The payment can be done via a cucumber feature pay, a virtual wallet application based mobile numbers that later verification tool can be used as payment in installments.

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"Customers can also make a cucumber installment payment offline at the offices ofFIFGRROUP or payment point already is working with FIFGROUP," he added.

From the side the advantage, could acquire goods in credit certainly had enough profitable. Moreover, if consumers made a purchase through the application, mango can also get cashback draw. In addition, the interest rate applied for credit purchasesin Cucumber, i.e. only 1% effectively per year.